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Bluehost Website Hosting: The Easiest Hosting to Set Up


If you want to get a website up and running quickly, start by setting up your hosting and domain name at Bluehost.

Bluehost, by far, has the easiest website hosting instructions and user dashboard. You do not have to understand anything technical to purchase your domain name and hosting. And installing WordPress is done in 1 click! What?! So easy and affordable.

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Why Bluehost?

  1. Bluehost website hosting is one of the most popular providers today.This is because of their great, affordable pricing packages, solid service and best of all, ease of use. Their interface for the customer is so user-friendly you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you get in there to set your account up. The whole site is set up with the average user in mind – they keep the techno jargon to a minimum.
  2. Bluehost has a 99% uptime record.All shared hosting plans have some downtime for maintenance or other issues, but it’s usually not noticeable. Bluehost has extremely minimal downtime even compared to other shared hosting services.
  3. Regular database backups.This is so important even if you have a backup plugin installed in your site. Multiple backups ensures that you will have a clean copy available in case something does happen.
  4. At Sirvatka Creative Services, we use Bluehost quite frequently for our clients who want to take over the responsibility of managing their website.It is the easiest of all the services we have used and if you’re just starting out with them, you get your domain name for free for your first hosting period (1-3 years depending on how many you purchase).

We have used other services and there are some really good ones out there in the shared hosting space (meaning, your website actually shares a hosting server computer with other websites – this keeps the cost down). We do sometimes set our clients up with other services if the project calls for it. But the fact is, for the average “brochure” website (a website of 1-10 pages), this is your best pricing.

Bluehost has been in the website hosting business since 2003, so they have vast experience in the website hosting genre. And as WordPress became more and more popular, they made sure their servers are set up specifically with WordPress in mind.

Get it now!

We are affiliated with Bluehost, but only because we have vetted many other services. Being affiliated just means that if you use my link, we get a small commission. But you can use any link you want.

This is the best shared hosting plan and the easiest to set up. For the price, you cannot beat it!

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