make my own wordpress website

Build Your Own WordPress Website Like a Champ!

(And you won't have to do it alone!)

A live course that helps you create your own WordPress Website

Amazing Results!

  • Have a completed WordPress website that you own!
  • Feel proud of your fantastic web presence!
  • Be able to help more people with your services!
  • Gain more exposure, more clients and more money.**
  • Know how to edit and update your website on your own.

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Learn how to make your own WordPress website from START to FINISH! 

Make your own WordPress website, and understand what you are doing!  

I take you by the hand and lead you through the process from the very first step to the very last!


Build Your Own WordPress Website Like a Champ! 

This is a 4-week LIVE online course designed for business owners who need a professional website, but have avoided it because of cost, or because doing it themselves just seems too daunting.

In this course you will learn:

  • Domain & Hosting selection and purchasing process
  • WordPress and Theme installation, and settings
  • Search Engine Optimization and Web Copy Writing
  • Creating New Web Pages
  • Creating Graphics for the Web
  • Understanding and Adding Plugins & Widgets
  • Backing Up your website and Security measures
  • Making your website LIVE!  

Plus you will receive course reference materials, as well as assignments and other instructional information!

We will meet Tuesday evenings over a 4-week period on Zoom video. Even if you have to miss a class, each one is recorded for you to view and reference! 


make my own wordpress website

Hi, my name is Cathy Sirvatka (like sir-vaat'-kah). I've been designing and developing websites since the late 90s. I've seen a lot of trends and growth in the web world. And I have seen too many business websites that are clearly homemade. The pages are either sparse or over packed with content, the copy is poorly written, the graphics are boring and typical, not to mention all the technical snafus.

Did you know that when you buy into those DIY website services, you don't actually own your website? It remains under their proprietary possession!

And unless you understand HTML and CSS programming languages, you will hit walls that you simply cannot get around.

The other end of the spectrum is to hire a professional web designer. Yes, you'll get a high-end professional website, but your budget may not allow for it. Many small businesses are trying to stay above water and have a lot of expenses already. But a well-done website will definitely help your business, getting you more exposure and sales.