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Everything on this page has been vetted by me and is my to choice for the service they provide.  I have experience with lots of different resources (hosting, landing page services, etc.), and I have listed here the best ones I have found and have used.

Please note that I am an affiliate with some of these resources. You would be helping me to receive a small commission for some of them if you use any of these links, at no extra cost to you! HOWEVER, please only purchase products or services you truly find you need. This listing is here to help, not push.

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Web Hosting with


Get your website hosting and domain up and running fast!

This is easy website hosting. I’ve worked with my share of web hosting companies and have had some really awful experiences. Bluehost the perfect start for your new website. Affordable pricing, including FREE SSL encryption (other popular hosting companies make you pay annually for this) and free domain registration for your first year), and their long relationship with WordPress make them the optimal choice. It is the one I recommend (and use) for getting  hosting and domain accounts up and running quickly. For the price, you cannot beat it!

Find a Domain Name

Finding and buying an available domain is simple enough when you know what to do.

Yes, you can go to any hosting company and search a desired domain to see if it’s available. However, those hosting company/domain name sellers (registrars) have a vested interested in grabbing domains that have been searched and selling them for extravagant prices.

There are many anecdotal instances where someone looked up their name with a company such as Godaddy and saw it was available. They go back a couple of days later to buy it, but it’s no longer available and now Google owns it! It’s still for sale. It’s just that now the price has gone WAY up.

So here’s what I do. I go to a website called to check on my desired domain names. They don’t sell domains and I’ve seen no evidence that they buy up searched domains. They have no vested interest and are considered the standard domain availability search engine. So do your searches there!

When you do go to search your desired domain, be sure that you first make a list of alternative domain names that make sense for your business. This list is just in case your first choice is not available.

Try to keep the name as concise as possible. Make sure it’s easy for someone to say without tripping over the words. And make sure your words together don’t actually make an unintended other word or meaning. Could be very embarrassing.

When coming up with domain names (addresses), avoid dashes and numbers as much as possible. They are allowed for domains, but people just don’t think to use them when typing in a web address. But if there is a numerical digit in the name of your business, then using that number may be just the right thing to do. You want it to reflect your business and also be easy to memorize or type.

Okay. Happy hunting!