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Most Popular Screen Resolutions in the U.S. as of November, 2022

As a web designer, I try to keep up with the most popular screen resolutions so as to make sure client websites work well within them. Plus, I just find it interesting.

Everyone keeps saying phones are taking over as the most popular browser platform; and phones are among the most popular screens used for browsing. But not as much as you would expect. According to, the phone has still not taken over in the U.S. nor in the world as a whole. This may be because shopping on the phone, though convenient, is not always easy. If I’m looking to purchase clothing on the phone, it’s very difficult to really get an idea of what the item looks like. Yes, I can use the zoom tool available on most websites, however, it’s still only showing me a small piece of the item. The more I zoom in, the less I see. Whereas, on my laptop or desktop I can see more of the item even when zoomed in. This is important for a lot of reasons but especially if you want to see small details.

Well, that’s my guess anyway. But this is not to disregard the importance of looking fab on the phone! Phone resolutions (390×844 and 414×896) are the second and third most popular screens.

Check out this chart from Even though those phone resolutions are high up on the usage chart, the percentage of use is still not that much. However, we can see that there are a number of devices for which we cannot account – quite a few as denoted by the dotted line.

If you’re interested in seeing more statistics on popular browsers, search engines and more, head over to

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Screen Resolution Market Share

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